How reading books affects success

The biggest and the most unnoticed transformation which a book can make is that it can open up your mind. You become more aware of your surroundings. A good book can be soothing to your mind, can relax you and at times even awaken or enlighten you. Then, there are books, sometimes only a single book, which can drastically transform your life. There have been cases, where hardened criminals have changed overnight by reading a single book; sometimes even by reading the Bible, while in prison.

Reading books has inspired many current – and even past – world leaders. Even the heads of many corporations have taken risks and risen to great heights after reading a particular book which inspired them or gave them the confidence to pursue their thoughts into actions.

There are many self-help books in the market. For example, many overweight people have been inspired by a particular diet book, tried on that diet and succeeded in losing weight and becoming fit. Reading that particular book has therefore become the turning point of their lives. Others might not find that book worth reading. But for the person who has acted after reading that book, it will always remain the book, which transformed his or her life. Hence different folks like different books.

The point being made is that you should read a wide range of books. You never know which book might tug at the strings of your heart or your mind. An inspirational book can be defined as one which gives you goose bumps while reading it and forces you to think afterwards. It could be any real life story or fiction or even a self-help book. Sometimes, people who are in depression might need just the right book to snap out those negative thoughts and take control of their life. You can help yourself by going to

You should also encourage your children to read from a very tender age, by reading aloud to them when they are young. Also by reading your own books in front of them, they can get inculcated into this habit from a young age. And once they are addicted to reading, they will continue to read. Books can also transform children’s lives. Many a time, their heroes or mentors keep on changing, as they grow older. The mind of a child is like a sponge, which absorbs all the knowledge which is sucked inside. So, feeding them good knowledge is essential, if you want them to turn out into informed and intelligent adults.

So, go ahead. Pick up a book and start reading. History has shown time and again how ordinary people who read books, get transformed and acting on the information they get from the books, have seen a sea of change for the better. Your life too, can be transformed by reading books, and who knows, someday your name too could figure in future history books.
Reading helps you gain knowledge in subjects which you have not been introduced to at school. Learning never comes to an end and books help you pursue this thirst for knowledge.

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