Reusable Tote Bags are awesome

Plastic bags have over the years been the preferred packaging method. This trend has resulted in more disadvantages to the environment than benefits.The negative effects of plastic bags have often been overlooked due to the convenience that plastic bags offer. However, with the increase in awareness of the benefits of reusable tote bags, the narrative may change for the better.Why reusable tote bags are better than plastic bags Drainage problems arise from the careless disposal of plastic bags.

The plastic bags eventually end up in our drainage systems resulting in blockage. This poses health hazards to human beings as traces of the poisonous plastic bags dumped may end up in the food and water consumed. Extra costs have to be incurred in unblocking the water and sewer systems. This funds would have otherwise been used in better infrastructure development projects. It is imperative to note that plastic bags may eventually end up in our water sources such as fresh water lakes and dams.

This poses health hazards to marine animals and fish.The untimely death of the animals could be easily avoided if individuals opted for reusable tote bags. Reusable tote bags do not pose such a challenge to our maritime environment. Plastic bags are also non-bio degradable hence take many years before they can be eliminated from the environment entirely.Tote bags, on the other hand, are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Tote bags are reusable over an extended time period, unlike plastic bags. The probability of having to get rid of the plastic bags due to factors such as wear and tear is higher and thus makes it hard not to get rid of the same.

This poses a huge risk to the environment which in turn results in hazards such as global warming. Reusable tote bags also come in different sizes and are stylish hence individuals can choose from the best. Plastic bags are ugly and uninteresting.

To kill the monotony of carrying the same plastic bags, it would be better to opt for custom reusable tote bags. Recycling options are also limited with plastic bags. This is attributable to the fact that once they come into contact with food, the viability of the recycling process becomes limited. Tote bags are also cheap as compared to plastic bags since they are a one-time investment over an extended period. Plastic bags need to be frequently restocked hence end up to be costly.Corporations may also use reusable tote bags to advertise themselves as they are ideal to imprint logos without the risk of fading.Unlike logos on plastic bags, the company may reach out to more clients if they adopt to reusable tote bags.

Clients do not throw away tote bags hence the advertisement will remain in their mind. In conclusion, the advantages of reusable tote bags outweigh those of plastic bags. In the age of technological advancement, problems such as global warming are bound to arise. To counter the negative effects, alternative packaging methods such as the reusable tote bags present more benefits to the world. Individuals, with the help of tote bags, can contribute to a healthier and better environment.

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