Should You Stay in an Apartment or Villa?

You probably ask yourself often: should I stay in an apartment or villa when I go on a vacation? Are you looking for villas and apartments to rent in javea? If you don’t know which one you should choose, we will inform you about the advantages and disadvantages which will help you to decide better.


This is one of the most important factors that should inspire your decision. When we talk about villas, there is no secret that they have a higher price compared to apartments. Villas fall into the luxury category for vacations because they are bigger and filled with better convenience facilities than apartments. However, they are often too expensive as their maintenance fees are higher than apartments. By renting a villa, you will also get a garden and pool area, and you don’t need all that space when you go on vacation unless you go along with other families. Villas are a better option if you opt to go on a vacation with lots of people because they have more space than apartments, and when you can also share the costs and enjoy the luxury at a lower price.

Apartments are a more practical option if you only go just with your family because they are cheaper and do not require too much maintenance. They have lesser space than a villa, but since the idea of a vacation is not to stay in one place all the time, if you are simply looking for a place to put your stuff and sleep, an apartment is a better choice.


Price is an important factor, but the location should be too. You have to consider where your villa will be situated. It is logical to say that apartments are always closer to the city, so if you travel to sightsee and enjoy the city you’re in, it is better to rent an apartment. Villas tend to be located in the outskirts and may not offer you a wider choice concerning location. You can find apartments within the city limits or outside. So if you want to have a suburban vacation, the best option is to choose a villa, but you have to understand in that case you have to own or rent a car if you want to travel to the city often. If you are a single person who goes on vacation to have a good time, then it is better to choose an apartment, particularly if you don’t want to spend all the time in it. On the other hand, if you bring more than five people it is better to choose a villa for your vacation.


Within the villa premises you will often have more than one bathroom, more than three rooms, swimming pool, and a garden so after all, if you want to relax and enjoy the breeze of the urban environment, villas will provide you with all necessary accessories to enjoy your vacation.

Apartments are often small, studio-like rooms where you are surrounded by many tourists. If you go on a vacation to relax without people around you, the best choice is to choose a villa. However, if you want to experience the magic of the city you are in, it is better to choose an apartment.

It all depends on your needs and ideas.

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