Why Building a New Home is Cheaper Than Renovating

It is the desire of everyone to live in a very decent home. This is evident considering the fact that home building goes on day and night. You will realize that most people prefer renovating their homes instead of building a new home thinking its cheap. The truth of the matter is that according to a home remodeling company in irvine, building a new home is actually cheaper than renovating.

The following are some of the reasons why building a new home is cheaper than renovating:

Cost involved

The renovation is just a short-term activity, and that means you will do it severally within a period. Keep in mind that an old home is not strong like a newly established home. Assuming you renovate the roof today and the next month the walls of the home break, what will you do? Of course, you will renovate it. This will see you incur costs almost every month because after repairing the roof and the walls of your home, another area will also need renovation. When looking for constructors to renovate your house every time, you must spend money visiting different constructors. Constructors will also charge you anytime they visit your home to do the renovation. That means if you do renovations in your home more than three times in a year, then you will actually run short of money. When you choose to build a new home, you will realize that its cheaper because a new home is always strong and might not require renovation soon. Once the constructors complete building a new home, you will pay them at once and call it a done deal. Renovators will always do very sketchy work so that you call them daily.

Transportation of building materials

When building a home or renovating, you must transport the building materials from the shop to your home. Transportation of the materials meant for replacement is a bit expensive because normally the owner pays for the transport fee. In fact, it becomes even more expensive when one is transporting lesser materials than the capacity of the hired track. It is a bit cheaper when transporting materials for building a new home because normally the hired constructing companies does it so that you pay them in bits. Once they complete building your home, you can now pay the full payment. At the end of the day, you will realize that transporting materials for building a new home is cheaper than when transporting renovation materials.


In life, there are so many activities one can do rather than spending his time focusing on how to renovate his /home a day after the other. Remember time is money and time wasted will never be recovered. It is, therefore, cheaper to build a new home than renovating because you only do it once and spend most of your time doing something constructive that can earn you income.

Renovation of a home is not actually cheap and if it’s cheap, remember cheap is always expensive. If you care about your money and time, consider building a new home instead of doing renovation almost every day

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